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Why Do I Get So Angry Over Little Things?

Do you get angry over little things? Do you ever ask yourself why? You might wonder how something so small can cause emotions that seem so big. The good news is that you’re not alone – more people experience anger over seemingly small things than you might think. Here are a few triggers that might be causing you to lose your cool, and a few ways to manage those feelings.

Stress Over Time

Have you ever felt like you’ve just got so much going on and then one day – boom – mount Krakatoa just erupted? This is from accumulated stress, or stress that has built up over time. We all experience accumulated stress, but some of us are better at finding healthy ways to release that stress and the negative feelings. Meditation, exercise, and group therapy are just a few of the ways you can shake off some of that stress and prevent yourself from becoming angry over little things.

Feeling Like Things Are Out of Your Control

In our daily lives we do a lot of things that seem to be out of our control. You go to work, you do what your boss tells you even if you don’t like it, and on and on until by the time you get home you feel like all you’ve done all day is what someone else or society tells you to do. This cycle can definitely make you feel like you have no way to make choices over your own life and can make the little things feel much bigger than they really are. This is where self-awareness and emotional regulation come into play. These techniques allow you to stop and reflect, and to realize that more things are in your control than you realize.

Stressful Environments

We all have that one person or group that, when we spend time with them for whatever reason, we always leave feeling worse than when we arrived. These stressful environments can take a lot out of us, leaving us feeling drained or overstimulated and ready to snap. It is important to recognize these situations and avoid them if possible, or find healthy ways to redirect our feelings. Understanding that these are triggers can help break the cycle of losing your cool over little things.

Fatigue and Overwhelm

Tiredness and being overwhelmed can make our ability to tolerate problems lower, making us more likely to get angry over little things. This is where self-care becomes important. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so find things that recharge your battery and make time for them.

This is just a small list of a few things that commonly make us overwhelmed and prone to snapping, but there are many more. Always remember that you are not alone in these feelings. There are many people who have experienced what you have or are experiencing, and they want to help. At Peaceful Battles, we want to support you in finding tools and techniques that work for you. Any time is a good time to reach out.

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