The Toughest Battles Are At Home.


Anger and Communication

What does Anger look like to you? Is it when someone is violently reacting? Is it when their face turns red, and they are breathing heavy? How about when they coward away? If you are looking at “Anger,” it is all of these, and yes, even cowering away. The mind responds to anger by “Fight or Flight,” the cowering is the “Flight-mode.”

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How to catch myself before I lose control

Anger Management: How to catch myself before I lose controlThe biggest question the comes to me is “How to catch myself before I lose control.”Some would think that we would start an Anger Management program, by teaching students how to keep them from losing their temper, but that is not how I start classes.

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Local Classes (Desert Cities)

We offer “Local” Anger Management classes in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert! There is no need to travel to Riverside or San Bernardino!

Man on cell phone in restroom angry and yelling
Co workers yelling at each other

How Much Is Your Time Worth

How much is your time worth? You spend 3 hours traveling to Riverside and San Bernardino, there and back. You spend additional money on gas, and that does not even count the cost of the class. How about your time?

Coachella Valley & Desert Cities

Peaceful Battles offers you reasonably priced classes in the Coachella Valley, and Desert Cities areas.

California Court Approved

Our classes are court approved and have Nationally Certified instructors. Why take a chance on the courts rejecting the online courses especially when these online courses just take your money without a refund.

Adults and Teenagers

Our courses are designed for both adults and teenagers. We offer regular small classes at low cost. We also offer private classes at an additional charge.

Court Approved

Class seats are limited, so sign up now or call 760-262-4140 or 760-278-1006